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>quarantine is hard on all
Don't lie. Quarantine is just daily life for most of the people here.

Dear America. 250K likes! Really?
You deserve covid-19.

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PS: His faith in his own "products" is such that he still posts this all on twatter.
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>Target market is: teachers, people with friends, small teams/businesses, streamers/broadcasters.

In other words, no one who would actually use anything related to @a or frogsite, let alone pay them money.

>people with friends


Here comes another gab grift. Torba is almost certainly going to fork Jitsi and take credit for it. The only gab business model. Please mock brutally this filthy girfter. Thank you for your service.

GORF is going to start making cell phones. What specs would you like to see in a privacy focused device?

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Remember the mongs that are telling you that America is leading the world in cases and death from Wuhan. Remember them because they must never be forgiven and probably jailed and hung as traitors for parroting the Chinese governments bullshit propaganda. These people hate us and cannot be allowed to exist in the same country with us any longer.

53% of websites on the internet use google analytics

90% of people prefer big tech social login vs creating new accound.

70% of US regularly use facebook.
20% of US regularly use Twitter.
80% of kids use snapchat

44% of US have gmail account
26% of US have ymail account.

98% of US have a cell phone..
90% of US have a smart phones.

40% of US have posted nudes online.

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"A company called Kinsa sells “smart thermometers” that snitch on your degrees of fever to their central website. They get about 160,000 readings per day from across the country. Lately, after a bad spell in mid-March, feverishness has been falling."

I'm immune to viruses. That is what you get for treating me like a monster. Ha ha.

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The Covid19 meme is so much worse than the disease.
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@realcaseyrollins I'm planning to separate the existing frontend into its own repo and run it on top of Pleroma

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