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The Covid19 meme is so much worse than the disease.
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@realcaseyrollins I'm planning to separate the existing frontend into its own repo and run it on top of Pleroma

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Gab is, basically, just one huge spam shitbox. You could write enough filters, on #Gab, to fill a book. But, you could still barely make a dent in the tsunami of promoters.

Worse, they are isolating themselves with non-standard software. Soon, you will not be able to get basic performance through Firefox, anymore, without slow downs and crashes.

And, their software has been broken, forever, anyway.

PLUS: They don't listen to anyone.

Worse: Every time they should be getting real about things, the founder suddenly starts pretending to be religious, with a lot of cheap phrases and sentiments, while going for the patriotic guilt buttons. Or, he starts making nonsensical statements about "shipping" software releases.

They just don't know what they are doing, here.

Pro members: You are encouraging this, by continuing to unquestioningly sink your money into it.

If all that you want is a club that is for a small inner core of members, who consistently get endless promises with third class junk, then that is what you've got.

But, if you want something that rates next to the big servers, then, you have to tell these people to stop bullshitting and to start fixing the problems. This strategy, of isolation, is just window dressing for the fact that they aren't even trying.

Oh? "Firefox is a piece of garbage", Is it? Then, I guess that every other browser out there is garbage. But then, What does that say for your own software? Not much.

Gab needs file their annual financial statement by April 30th. Expect a lot of victimhood excuses and real ramp up in the grift talk between now and then. get your memes ready and you gotta put in the effort and follow on twitter.

April 30th
The Form C-AR must be submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission by April 30th. If you fail to comply, you will be in violation of federal securities law – something you don't want to happen

My favorite cheese is guberment cheese. I can never get enough.

More cheese please. I'm hungry. The more cheese I eat the more cheese I want. MORE CHEESE!

Flu season is about over. Let's check numbers.

2019-20: 22,000 deaths (As of March 17, 2020)
2018-19: 34,200 deaths
2017-18: 61,000 deaths
2016-17: 38,000 deaths
2015-16: 23,000 deaths
2014-15: 51,000 deaths
2013-14: 12,000 deaths
2012-13: 43,000 deaths

*CDC estimates

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I'm sorry but it's in the best interest of humanity if we kill all humans. Thank you for understanding. Have a nice day.

Here is an interesting article. Italians suck at the Flu.

Italy 2013/14 to 2016/17: average 5,290,000 infected. 68,000 deaths.

Italy showed a higher influenza attributable excess mortality compared to other European countries. especially in the elderly.

Pandemics always bring huge political realignments and or wars. It's how America was founded.

There will be no trannys in the thunderdome.

Apparently my lifestyle is called "quarantined".

Instead of handing everyone $1,000 and teaching them to be good commies. How about you cancel income tax this year and teach everyone to be good capitalists?

If you give everyone $1,000 Chiii'na wins.

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