Starting to get some interesting data back from Gab.

We see here that in the last 48 hours Gab has had about 1,485 active users and about 168K posts - 100 posts per user. 100 possts/user seems pretty high, even for the OCD cursed of gab's remaining userbase, so I'm sure much of this is bots but it is still interesting. From my review of Gab's ALL (local) feed about half of the accounts, maybe more, are bots.

Going to be much harder for torba to get away with his lies in the Fediverse.

@oneway This confirms what a lot of us have been speculating for over a year based on indirect evidence and gut instinct:

-No more than 2000 daily active users, now likely less than 1000 actual humans

-At least 50% of all posting activity done by spambots

Nice work fren
@oneway it's still a sizable instance, just not ONE MILLON TROOPS
@lain @oneway

how does mastodon expose active user counts? or is this data from polling the instance tl?
The page you linked just says it polls the instance api, and does not say anything about active user counts
@oneway isn't that just new regs? gab doesn't publish active user data
@oneway 1485 users. Fucking bleak!

Shame he couldn't dig up three more.
@oneway The 168,000 posts mean that they've completely given up throttling or banning spambots. Gab technically does not even forbid shitty social media bots. I found two ones I had never spotted before through the All timeline today, both with over 50,000 posts each, and posting at least once a minute.

Just 116 post a minute bots could generate all 168k. Gab also has fast burst spambots that spew out a post a second.

@judgedread masto yes. exactly. they are going to have very hard time running servers with the standard level of fraud with masto software.

@oneway I think I'll go over there and bust some more bots.


Mentally and emotionally you are a bot. A very simple, poorly programmed bot.

@oneway Lmao I got blocked by Gab on Twitter for posting what you posted under one of their tweets.

@marcodiazclone Welcome to the club. The twilight zone of free speech.

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