Recent developments in the Ricky Vaughn story lend support to the 'Torba as controlled opposition from day one' hypothesis.

Too bad Nehlen was such a borderline personality crackpot himself that he was incapable of presenting a coherent case.

Or perhaps he was paralyzed by fear.

Not kidding.
@oneway Search for references to Smartcheckr and Ricky Vaughn... but keep javascript off when visiting any fringe sites that brings up.

Cantwell is an old enemy of Vaughn's and you don't want to visit him with shields down.
@oneway Obvious implication: Ricky Vaughn being declared a '2016 election top 150 online influencer' by an MIT researcher was a work.

Or a product of the Vietnamese black hat hacker's botnets.

@judgedread this is obvious fed/intel opperation,

1) steer movement toward faggotry
2) identify members
3) siphon off resources
4) undermine, squelch or worse potential thunder stealers.

@oneway Vaughn's long form stuff was awful. His routine was post spicy memes (possibly copied from elsewhere, I only saw him on Gab) but then water any of the implications down with 'Voting GOP will solve everything.'

Even voting Trump solved nothing... let alone the rest of the cucks.

@judgedread it is a bit depressing, for, me rage creating, when you realize that the whole right is a bunch of grifters that would sell out everyone and promote trannys for a few bucks. my anger is building.

@oneway If someone is associated with a Vietnamese script kiddie scammer their entire reputation is guaranteed astroturf. People are building up an immunity. 36 shirts. Instagram 'influencer' couldn't sell 36 shirts.

Now we have to get the right to be as skeptical as zoomers.
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