Okay. This explains it. It is the HUGE increase in traffic that brought gab offline today. Phew, i hope the kenyans are back. there were awesome.

@oneway Meanwhile I've got nearly 100% uptime, and I don't even know what the fuck I'm doing. :senkothink:

@Ricotta well therein is the difference. you actually do know what you are doing and don't think you do or at least know your limits. gab thinks they know what they are doing, don't know their limits. hence retard level lies.

@oneway Actually I just outsource tech support to Pete. :cirnoHeh:

@Ricotta now see, you are already light years ahead of torba as a social network operator.

now all you have to do is sacrifice 1,000,000 bees to devil and 1,000 nazis to the feds, become a fat lying goodball and get on alex jones' radio and say you have a million users and beg for money. wammo bammo. you are tech e-celeb.

@Ricotta @oneway Most likely what Alex said was true, that they couldn’t handle a frontend that makes up to 21 times more http requests per load than the old one. I was watching the Gab timeline, there were no unfamiliar faces.

@niggaflamebuttholeaids @Ricotta @oneway
>a frontend that makes up to 21 times more http requests per load than the old one

Wait what?
@yuri @niggaflamebuttholeaids @Ricotta @oneway

I don't remember the specifics, but I do remember Alex mentioning that after analyzing some of the code. It's horrendously inefficient because the devs have no idea what they're doing.

@yuri @Ricotta @oneway Mastodon and old Gab was 1 request per 20 posts. Gab’s new FE is that, plus an additional 1 per post, and the only optimization they made to curb that is lazy loading.

@oneway The new update was so bad and introduced so many new bugs that even the most fanatical loyalists were cutting back on posting.

I thought Colbert might be rolling out his backend update, but it could be that the May 15 update is so unusable that they are trying to roll it back without any success.

@judgedread What a mess. they might not be able to revert. i think that alex kid is right about their current problems.

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