Now that Gab is out of money all things are possible. All offers will be accepted by anyone for anything.

Gay gab? jewish gab? My bet is on alt right reeducation camp for all those on the right who have become woke - loomer, cerno, milo, lauren southern, cantwell, spencer, roosh, kesler, Heimbach, alex jones et al.

You think torba lied before? you think torba sold out users before? You think gab tried to co-opt other projects before?

You ain't seen nothing yet.

@oneway Gab's function at the moment is as a containment vessel for far right shitposters. This is concealed by the claim of ONE MILLION USERS. I notice that shitlibs on the fediverse signal boost the large user base claims, which suit their purpose in fearmongering about the 'far right'. So only a few remnants of Gab's user base know the truth.

@judgedread yes but the final plan, after building gab us as THE alt right platform, tip of the spear is have them take a dive and preach the woke gospel to the poop posters. torba will take a dive and bow at the feet of SJW mob for $ whenever they want him to.

ultimately gab will be a monument they will tear down and re-purpose as re-education camp and torba will cheer like the bitch he is..

@oneway The lawsuit against Charlottesville organizers (with organizer very loosely defined) continues. Inevitably Torba and Gab will be sued and the domain will be taken from him. Or the money he gets from selling it, assuming he dumps it before the lawsuit is complete.

@judgedread yep. and they will put up a monument under the domain with a bunch of videos from torba, loomer, cerno, milo, lauren southern, cantwell, spencer, roosh, kesler, Heimbach, alex jones et al. explaining how they were wrong for defending and supporting the alt right and hate and how free speech without checks for hate speech is wrong. Along with a bunch of courses from the ministry of love on how to be better people. and of course your rainbow gab logo as the new brand.

@oneway It depends WHO sues. Bowers victim relatives are gonna want that cash.

@judgedread and cash they will have but a monument they will want as well.

@judgedread yeah, you are probably right. jews never play up a tragedy or try to put up monuments to remind everyone for forever.

@oneway Zero sum game. You have this fantasy that Gab matters that much to them. It is already forgotten, a footnote to the Bowers attack (that will live in infamy), this is just a mopping up operation.

@judgedread yes, you, me and they know that gab has no users, about $10K in cash and is run by a couple of literal retards but they need monuments. gab is a modern day gas chamber that will be used for victim card for decades.

@oneway I assert that they will never do what you claim.

It has never been done and will not be done.

@judgedread well i was right about gab being scam, about torba being shill from get go and gab is already nearly what I say it will be so i will stick with my prophecies over yours.

@oneway You just like it because it's your Gab fan fiction.

@judgedread dude, what i am saying is that gab will turn into what it already has, just more so and you are arguing with me. you also argued that gab wasn't a scam and that torba was sincere from beginning.

@oneway I believed in Gab because I don't want to die in a leftist death camp.

That's what the level of infiltration involved means, and they might come for you first because they have a special hate for Christians.

@judgedread i believe nothing b/c of fear. pitiful copes make me sick. and it only keeps real solutions from developing. your reason for using gab is literally the same as every Q and magatard and gab and parler user. It makes me so sick that kind of stuff. fricking cowards can't even look at the enemy.

i trust in God you trusted in torba and yet you mock Christians? LOL.

@oneway There was literally nowhere else for me to post. Gnu Social? Ever look at that? lol

4chan banned proxy users ON DAY ONE. I never used it. 8chan was good when the little brittle bone guy was running it at first, but when he lost control it became another hugbox/containment.

I was waiting for the fediverse.

@judgedread well if you and others would have called out gab earlier fediverse and others, like my stuff, would have happened a lot sooner and easier.

@oneway I know all decentralized solutions in SUMMER 2016 were lame.
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@Simpadoo @oneway 8kun is relatively new, right? I think it came after I decided the fediverse was the place to be.
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@Death @oneway Frequently.

However content discovery on Gab is now nearly impossible and 83% of my followers are dead accounts so it has limited reach.
@p He does this all the time.

It's griefer sabotage is what it is.
@11112011 @Death @judgedread @oneway @p Does anyone have a set of screenshots of Bowers’ complete list of users he was following? I’d be interested to see if he was following me or any of the other NSFW posters.
@ThreeOneThreeChris Untag me, Blitz tries to derail my threads with his off topic vomit. He really is the lowest filth on FSE.
@Orakel @11112011 @Death @judgedread @oneway @p Yeah. I was first there during beta, from November ‘16 to February’17, and then from August ‘17 until July ‘19 when :torbo: banned me himself.
@ThreeOneThreeChris @11112011 @Death @oneway @p Bowers didn't follow a whole bunch of people. He didn't even post very often. He didn't seem like the lewd type either, but you never know.
@Orakel @11112011 @Death @oneway @p I had never even heard of the guy until the shooting happened. There were a lot of wignats making death threats against us for posting lewds, and meanwhile they would be upvoting what we posted. I still have tons of screenshots of it.
@judgedread @oneway

> Out of money

So the FBI stopped cutting them checks?
@p @oneway Financial disclosure shows them bleeding cash like a stuck pig.
@judgedread @oneway I thought they withdrew their filing and thus don't have to disclose any more. Did I miss something?
@p @oneway They took crowdfunding, they have to disclose forever.

@p @judgedread at the end of 2019 they had $35K left in cash but got another $250K frounknown "investor". Sounds good for you and me but gab lost nearly $800K in 2019.

@judgedread @oneway you trying to say FSE somehow isn't a containment vessel for far right shitposters as well?

@oneway Someone should use the domain and redirect it to a list of non-cucked Fediverse instances.

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