My favorite cheese is guberment cheese. I can never get enough.

More cheese please. I'm hungry. The more cheese I eat the more cheese I want. MORE CHEESE!

Pandemics always bring huge political realignments and or wars. It's how America was founded.

I guess Torba came out of the closet? He's so brave.

If Bitcoin (BTC) was a safe & secure store of value for end of world and when "fiats" tumble then you would not see this graph in the middle of a global pandemic. You'd see the exact opposite. Bitcoin, et al. are pyramid schemes with less liberty and more centralization.

if you took Kim Dot Com's advice on the 9th and invested all in BTC then 3 days later you lost half of all you had. Sorry not sorry.

I was over on namepros today, the forums board rob monster lives on now. Not surprisingly everyone hates them there and there seems to be a wave forming of people asking him to be perma banned for self promotion and spamming all the threads with flat earth and self promo. I, of course, stood up for him as best I could.

Well the upside of the Kung Flu is that all those huggers and kissers and touchy feely types will be weeded out.

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