Torba have been bigger grifters than torba but none as dumb.

Gab was founded by torba, a guy from turkey and an indian guy from canada.

Owen Benjamin and his 72 virgin bears have been prepared for the wedding ceremony with Patreon.

Owen Benjamin is now raising money to pay for his own private SmithTown. Classic. Of course he is really just asking for money to pay for the Patreon lawsuit and buy a house but hilarious he tries to sell it as a compound/cult to raise the money.

Such a brave leader. Torba "deactivated" his Twitter account. Gotta keep that bridge so he can tell people how brave he was and beg for money.

In today's hilarious internet news:

Voxday and Owen Benjamin get 72 of their followers sued for conspiring to grift Patreon (extortion).

Here is link to full video:

Read it and weep or laugh. Gab's 2019 financials are out. Spoiler: $808,000 in operating expenses. $145,000 in revenues. Ouch.

$808,000 sure doesn't buy what it used to buy.

$751,000 in salaries, marketing and R&D. Someone is getting wealthy.

At the end of 2019 Gab had $31,000 in total cash. In January 2020 they were given a loan (convertible note) of $250,000 by SOMEONE.

Please repost. Thank you for your service.

Was Torba a knowing participant of controlled opposition meant to undermine alt-tech and free speech? Probably not, he's just too dumb for anyone to trust. BUT most controlled opposition are not knowing participants. They are just arrogant, greedy retards who are promoted and funded and set free to do their thing and then things just run their natural course.

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