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Classic. throw hardware at it. not gonna work but please do burn that money.

Torba launching gab 2.0. Torba trying to make off with the remaining gab loot.

Okay. This explains it. It is the HUGE increase in traffic that brought gab offline today. Phew, i hope the kenyans are back. there were awesome.

Quarantines aren't easy. Gonna take a lot of neighbors to feed this fat bastard.

Dear America. 250K likes! Really?
You deserve covid-19.

Here comes another gab grift. Torba is almost certainly going to fork Jitsi and take credit for it. The only gab business model. Please mock brutally this filthy girfter. Thank you for your service.

I'm immune to viruses. That is what you get for treating me like a monster. Ha ha.

My favorite cheese is guberment cheese. I can never get enough.

More cheese please. I'm hungry. The more cheese I eat the more cheese I want. MORE CHEESE!

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