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What if the Central Committee of the Gommunist Party is triggered by hurty words about dialectical materialism from the capitalist running dog media?

Did anyone think of that?

Where's your humanity?
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So Gab is building an NBA team.

Also you all get a free pony.

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Shit, I think Owen Benjamin might be on Gab.

I should go torture him.

@judgedread @Jdogg247

i'm sorry nazis isn't gong to work.

he will go full rainbows and unicorns and even put on a diaper if he has to.


he has a mong posting there. he said he has never logged in personally but you should still do that. I'm starting to get sick of seeing some nutter who has never read the Bible giving Bible lessons. pretty annoying tbh.

@judgedread @Jdogg247

it really is insanity. he can't build a social network with $3MM and probably actually believes he could make satellite or cable TV.

torba really is crazier than his mom and colbert.

wait til you see that video. lie after lie. it is insanity. "i built a browser from the ground up". he said that to millions of ppl.

i sent alex jones' attorneys copy of video with demand for them to stop participating in fraud and undermining my projects with grift.

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@oneway @Jdogg247 You have no idea what we are up against.

Also no idea what incredible things we have planned.

But only if you give. Give until it hurts. You don't need that pension.

@Jdogg247 @judgedread

gab's nba rules:
- players have to pay to play.
- no players over 5'5"
- no players under 200 lbs
- stats of any kind are forbidden
- Don't ask about the $3 million donated to build stadium.

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@judgedread @Jdogg247

streaming, social network, blah blah. they are busy bldg a satellite and nba team.

@judgedread @Jdogg247

I hope he is okay. Someone needs to do a wellness check.

@robcolbert is everything good?

@Jdogg247 @judgedread

rob has been quiet lately. we need to wind him up this week.

@judgedread @Jdogg247

streaming also requires more skills than any of them possess.

@0xDEADBEEF @judgedread

thanks. i will check it. havent even tested in mobile to be honest.

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