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gab still has a twitter account.

gab only lost payment processing because of bots and fake cards.

gab lost stripe because of lolicon and my video.

gab lost azure because of child porn and poor moderation.

gab lost mail client because of bounces of fake emails

you seem to have bought the grift a bit yourself.

gab has domain hosting, web hosting, CC processing, cloudflare, banking, etc etc.

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Gab statuses increasing by 61 posts a minute

Spot check on timeline - 24 posts a minute


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we have established that tobs is most likely working with the feds so he is at zero risk of indictment. that post by colbert was made from a site, other than gab.com by a contracted employee. tubs gets to
- deny and distance if needed.
- look edgy to get alt right back
- rile up SJWs to cause drama to cry victim

the feds would be fine with such postings and consider it necessary to attract the altright crowd for further surveillance.

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In the last 130 minutes the Gab post count has been throttled back to 18 a minute after the 85 a minute surge.

'Whoa there, Colbert! Take the fraud down the notch!'


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you fail to understand the full extent of the grift as always.

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nah, intentional and probably approved by tubs before posting. gab is like a talentless comedian or e-celeb that has to be edgy and stir controversy constantly to get anyone to notice or even care.

This was tubs' model since ycombinator.

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Server errors, entire site offline for hours at a time.

Images won't load.

'small, nit picky stuff ' says fat stupid Andrew Torba.
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Gab's status number, as seen here, is fake:


For the last 55 minutes the count went from 79522718 statuses to 79526018 statuses, an increase of precisely 3300.

That's 60 statuses a minute. I have never seen Gab with traffic that high since it switched to Mastodon. A spot check just now shows 37 posts a minute.

Most likely that number is incremented up 60 statuses a minute by a script. 60 statuses a minute just happens to be the average Gab was getting back in February 2019.

Coincidence, I'm sure.

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Did a comparison between the post count of the timeline fetched by


and the statuses displayed.

Post per minute on the timeline was 27, average increase of statuses was 85 a minute.



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This is what you post when you can't dev a real product and are all in on the grift. Torba posts to the Christians and Colbert posts to alt right and patrick little.

Shouldn't a CTO be talking about status of product(s)?

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@PepeMemes @robcolbert He was completely hammered when he did his famous video. Either that or smoking crack.
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If Gab's outward facing status count is faked Colbert is collaborating with Torba to defraud investors. That can't be blamed on old Gab. He had to write that little Mastodon patch himself.


No. How about we sack it and keep the same name?

What happens when you sack a city you ask?

All real estate taken

All movable property is taken

All adult men are killed

All women, children and elderly men are sold into slavery. Those infected with the SJW virus are also killed.

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well mastodon still works and is still basically powering 95% of the Fediverse but it certainly needs to keep evolving or it will be replaced.

i'm really liking misskey. do you have any opinions on misskey? we have never looked at the code or misskey or pleroma.

@judgedread oh and it is the only one with a search that works.


create an alt and try it out. and then mock gab with new knowledge.



it is my favorite. most features, groups, pages, deck, games, etc etc. I've been supporting for a while.

and it is built with nodejs and postgres - exactly what colbert is converting to. hilarious they didn't start with it. probably whole decision was based on mobile apps and trying to stir inevitable drama with sjw mastodon folks.

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