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1, 3, 8 but gladly eat all. and a diet coke or zevia.


someone posted this on GORF. It is basically the story the gab.

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@Jdogg247 he got away. They called off the chase on account of bad weather. LOL. Nice.

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>quarantine is hard on all
Don't lie. Quarantine is just daily life for most of the people here.

@shampoobottle @Jdogg247 no problem. quarantine is hard on all. sorry to have to do that to you but had to get you back to reality. i know it's hard to look at.

@shampoobottle @Jdogg247 Normally I would agree BUT do you know who laura loomer is?

@judgedread yeah that is a great tool. we are coming out with a version of that also.

Dear America. 250K likes! Really?
You deserve covid-19.

@judgedread i disagree. china needed to regain power and prove their worth. taiwan, hong kong, and even home riots against china were gaining momentum. the preplanned bldg hospitals, etc and released to make themselves look needed. it worked. chinese are all like our govt saved us all. communism works.

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PS: His faith in his own "products" is such that he still posts this all on twatter.
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>Target market is: teachers, people with friends, small teams/businesses, streamers/broadcasters.

In other words, no one who would actually use anything related to @a or frogsite, let alone pay them money.

>people with friends


Here comes another gab grift. Torba is almost certainly going to fork Jitsi and take credit for it. The only gab business model. Please mock brutally this filthy girfter. Thank you for your service.

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