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Cool. Figured out block and mute. We had a bug but now it is fixed.

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Who gave Gab a $250,000 convertible note (loan) in January, 2020?

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Read it and weep or laugh. Gab's 2019 financials are out. Spoiler: $808,000 in operating expenses. $145,000 in revenues. Ouch.

$808,000 sure doesn't buy what it used to buy.

$751,000 in salaries, marketing and R&D. Someone is getting wealthy.

At the end of 2019 Gab had $31,000 in total cash. In January 2020 they were given a loan (convertible note) of $250,000 by SOMEONE.

Please repost. Thank you for your service.

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Genealogy database is selling 75% of itself to Blackstone Group for $4.7billion in deal that will give the asset manager access to DNA data of up to 18 MILLION members 😂

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Does the Fediverse need Blog Posting?
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Pleroma and Soapbox set up in an hour. Thank you @lain and @alex

Now we will see...

@mrmcmayhem its a nohtingburder. ps. i live in charelston sc

@judgedread b/c they wanted to keep their alleged CPM rates looking good. everyone could see this scam. i started the wave. slowly analytics and adsense numbers started to match, took about a year and they had sufficiently broken urchin to cover their adsense lies and theft with g analytics.

I made about $5k./month in adsense back then. should have been $10k/month. google has always lied and cheated.

@judgedread The thing i exposed was how the numbers were all faked. i was running one of the most popular construction portals during this time when adsense was new and analyatics was months old and i had urchin still running. At launch g analytics and urchin were identical, which made, as they should be. BUT adsense not even close. I had 1 adsense campaign running on EVERY page of my site. The adsense campaign would show half the page views of g analytics and Urchin.

1 of 2.

@judgedread well they bought Urchin analytics in 2005. I had used Urchin from the start and was super pissed when google bought. I owned the stand alone version of Urchin and continued to use after acquisition. I wrote articles and put out tons of reports how Google adword/adsense vs analytics vs Urchin (real version) were so far off. it was a total scam. all lies and full on grifts. slowly google anaytics and ansense/words starting agreeing with eachother, as they improved their lies.

@judgedread like 20 years ago i exposed how google removed all the link farm pages from their results and then went and bought 10s of thousands of domains and made their own link farm pages. without splitting revs with link farmers they could remove half the pages from results making their results better and still maintaining same revs. no honor among thieves.

@ThreeOneThreeChris @Jdogg247 if there can be only one who will it be? i have a feeling it will be a hell thread psychopath.

@lain @judgedread @alex

I wonder where they got their new protocol from? Things are gonna get hilarious.

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