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It makes me smile when I think about how angry this must make Torba. And it makes me laugh when I think about what joke Truth Social is.

@Jdogg247 with Kristol and dushbagowitz on our side what could go wrong?

Read it and weep or laugh. Gab's 2019 financials are out. Spoiler: $808,000 in operating expenses. $145,000 in revenues. Ouch.

$808,000 sure doesn't buy what it used to buy.

$751,000 in salaries, marketing and R&D. Someone is getting wealthy.

At the end of 2019 Gab had $31,000 in total cash. In January 2020 they were given a loan (convertible note) of $250,000 by SOMEONE.

Please repost. Thank you for your service.


Nope. Make no sense. He buys bitimitigate, doesnt lock down operator with non compete, fires operator and then proceeds to torpedo biz by running off stormer and rejecting 8chan. I don't get it. Only explanation is:
1) trying to destroy free speech alternatives
2) wanted to dox stormer, et al.
3) dumb as a rock.

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exactly. i would pay to mock gab. it would be a pr nightmare for him. banning critics and hitler memes. lets push for superstatuses.


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