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Congratulations! You survived another day of the great PANDEMIC. Sleep well for tomorrow we shall all surely die.

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@a @gab @GabSupport Very dispiriting, #Gab
big fanfare about Dissenter is now waning, less traffic and less comments.

Mm I wonder why, could it be the taking down of comments? I am fairly sure that will piss off users of #Dissenter. I have had quite a few of my comments magically disappear?? No wonder it's in decline, usage wise.

#FreeSpeech #censorship #fediverse

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'Ricky Vaughn' turned out to be so concerned with optics that he compiled a database of every face in the world.
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I wonder how people who are losing their homes to medical bankruptcy feel about Wall Street getting another $500 billion in magic Fed money every day?
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Remember, y'all losing your shit over 65 dead.
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@oneway bro i've been talking shit about coronavirus all week, and they're gonna have to arrest me to stop me

The new normal:
- Curfews
- Restricted travel
- Group meeting size limits
- No wrong speak concerning coronavirus.

What do you expect from a nation of bitches that lets weirdos feel their junk to fly on a plane or watch a ballgame just because someone blew up a building.

9/11 is to coronavirus as Iraq is to (blank)?

Mostly testing dead people who died from pneumonia is probably not the best data set to extrapolate mortality rates from.

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I wish Q would have told us about this Wuhan flu :joker:

What scares you most about the coronavirus?

Also, any photoshop experts out there? either this photo is edited to make his face not look so fat or torba face a very not symmetrical

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I guess Torba came out of the closet? He's so brave.

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Gen X is most black pilled generation ever. And the most dangerous.

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people only die because they lack the toilet paper to fight off vicious airborne mammal-spread diseases

this much we know. #Science

White people are more afraid of being called racist than the Wu flu (aka KungFlu).

It is at times like this I feel most at home.

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