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I think most of the foreign, especially Indian, animal rescue videos on youtube are staged. I mean staged to the point of putting animals in dangerous and painful situations.

If they will blind kids so they earn more begging on streets they will starve or injure a dog.

Walking and talking with my neighbor and his wife last night, hadn't seen them for a while. He said they have been forced quarantined over positive covid-19 test for last 3 weeks until given permission to come out. They are both in mid 50s, at least 100 lbs overweight and he only has one lung. They each were put on hydroxychloroquine for a week.
They said it was average flu like symptoms w/ cough. All better.

I don't get how some cop saying he won't arrest people for going to the park or running their own business is a "hero".

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Torba finally abolished the All timeline that exposed most of Gab's traffic as spam.


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OG libertarians supported the right to segregate (in your own proprietary community) and restrictive covenants to keep it that way.

Back when most young conservatives didn't know what restrictive covenants were they libertypilled me on the topic.

Also almost all pre-2010 libertarians were World War II revisionists on the topic of whether the US should have been involved at all.

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If you wonder what Google is building watch the third season of Westworld. They're building a world controlling evil AI.

@Jdogg247 check out this account. This guy almost got put in charge of US health system. Some real crazy takes going on in that san fran tech millionaire's timeline.

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Remember when people used to say, "police are mostly awake and will defend the constitution and even fight against tyrant cops if the govt tries to put the boot to our throats"? LOL.

The coming battles for free speech will be fought at the infrastructure and access level. 99% of you fat anon, zit faced meme warrior faggots will vanish.

5 best video genres:
1) sovereign citizens
2) citizen arrests
3) uber rides gone bad
4) animal rescues
5) karens acting up

Does anyone remember their favorite tech from the 80s and 90s - boom boxes, phones, record players, stereos, etc etc? We are trying to do a classic reproduction for each.

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Gab's video calling service seems like yet another liability, created only to distract people from how bad their existing services are. Quality > quantity

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@syuilo @alex @p and the folks at Pleroma and several others have already done more for the fediverse and free speech in general with almost no money than gab has done with $3,000,000.

Social media is not a fundamental technology. Social media is entertainment.

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